Monday, March 29, 2010

100th Post

I've FINALLY reached 100 posts. I do not know what has taken me so long I feel like I blog all the time, oh well, I'm here now! So as I type my 100th post I am sitting in what used to be my dining room in Dothan. It is now filled with boxes and will be empty tomorrow. This is my very last night in my first home. I must admit it is very emotional. Empty rooms. Empty walls. What I feel like is our whole life and all our memories in this house in boxes.

I love this house. I loved it the second I stepped in the front door and knew I just had to have it! This house was made for us. It was the perfect first home for Shay and I as somewhat "newlyweds." We were so proud to own this house. It was even a more perfect place to bring our first baby and second baby home too. It kills me to see their rooms boxed up. It hurts actually. All Mary Selwyn's "firsts" happened here and some of Adeline's too. It is going to be hard to walk away tomorrow and even harder to hand the keys over to the new owners.

When Shay and I returned on Thursday to pack up the remainder of our stuff the first words out of Shay's mouth were, "Man. This is a good looking house. I'd buy it again." This has been a wonderful first house. We were very blessed to be able to make it our first home! The new owners are a young couple and this house will be there first home as well. That excites me because I know it is the most perfect place for a young couple to start their lives. I pray they will love this house as much as I do and it will bring them just as much happiness as it has my family. I will forever cherish the memories of our first home and will miss it dearly! Needless to say I need a Kleenex!


Amanda said...

Aww...reading that post made me sad! I get very emotionally attached to things for one reason or another and I know what it is like to close a chapter of life. Change is hard! We still need to meet up once yall are back up here. Now that the weather is so nice, we could even go to a park or something outside. Are yall going to start looking for houses up here soon???

Margaret said...

Thinking of you!

Abby Euten said...

I need a Kleenex too after that;)

mitzi said...

I'll be glad for you when you get tomorrow over with! Sad for all of us in Dothan.

Natalie said...

aw denise! nostalgias a b*tch isnt it?? ;)
the only thing that can keep you moving at a time like this are all the new memories you know you will make at your new house.
only time will heal!
cherish the moments
i know you are

Kristen said...

How did I get to 100 posts before you?? I feel like you post so much more than I do. We enjoyed our visit so much! Fun birthdays to look forward too and lots of new memories in a new house for you, too!

Jenny said...

know what you mean...when we left our fist house in bham...i was sad too. But i have this philosophy that if you are not sad to go, then you didn't enjoy your time when you were there. How blessed you are to have had a wonderful time when you were there!

Mandy said...

So sad! You are going to make wonderful new friends and I know God has moved you close to some other lonely soul (like me) who needs you. You aren't leaving us behind. You're just increasing your territory!