Friday, May 13, 2011

Lets try this again...since the virus

(I have already done this exact same post but somehow it was deleted.... who knows what is going on.  This virus has ruined my "computer life."  ha ha.) Of course now it is posted twice... ugh.  Enjoy it twice.

My computer has had a terrible virus and has been out of commission for a while. Who in the world sends people computer viruses? What is the point? Just to ruin a strangers computer? The "virus" people must be some of the meanest people in the world... jerks! There are still some blogs I can't open, maybe because the layouts are too complicated for my sick little computer. It will apparently never be the same. Oh and Adeline popped off some of the keys on my computer and they cannon be replaced without replacing the whole keypad. Don't worry it was only the important keys like say, both shift keys, the enter key, caps lock and backspace. As you can imagine it is making typing this blog, and anything else on the computer very challenging.

On to the good stuff. We had Adeline's birthday party a few weekends ago. It was a very sweet and perfect party, if I do say so myself. I'm finding that simple is always better.  As always I took a million pictures so I just made a little collage of the most important pictures.

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Mary Selwyn had her end of the year program at church.  It was the first time the three year olds performed in the sanctuary in front of a large crowd.  Although Mary Selwyn loves choir, had practiced in the sanctuary twice and volunteered to sing a solo from Annie (which of course they respectfully declined), I was worried she might get overwhelmed or shy in front of the crowd.  I was wrong.  She sang and she danced!  She seemed to love performing.... apparently she takes after Shay who was quite the performer as a child as well.  It was cute and hilarious.  I know their performance made the Lord smile.

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Jenny said...

love all the pics!!! The video is precious too!!! so sweet!!! She is just growing up!