Friday, May 20, 2011

Let the Summer Begin!

We have a very busy summer planned.  It will be a lot busier than a normal summer for us.  We have many trips planned, one of which includes a big plane, one mommy and two little girls.  In a few weeks the 3 of us are flying to San Antonio to see my grandparents.  My girls are SO excited... I am so excited too but slightly nervous about the to and from.  We will worry about that when it comes.

This week we took our first trip to Pensacola to visit some old friends.  It is only a 3 hour trip but when you have kids no trip is only a 3 hour (or any hour for that matter) trip.  My girls were absolute angels on the way there.  It was a fun car ride with lots of singing  They ride home may not have been as pleasant but wasn't the worst trip in the world either, so I can complain.

While in Pensacola we enjoyed the beach and park and old friends.  We stayed with our friends Brad and Maile and Addison. Brad and Maile were our dear friends in the early years of living in Dothan.  They were wonderful friends and I miss having Maile around something terrible.  We got to have dinner with my BFF from high school Rachel and her family.  It was fun to visit with them and see our kids together.  I wish we didn't live so far from all of them.



Mary Selwyn, Adeline, Turner and Anna Cate

I LOVE this picture

They would be best friends if they had the chance.... I can tell.  Maybe they can be roommates at Auburn one day.

enjoying the beach, this girl loves the sand

this girl loves the water... thank you Lord for creating such a beautiful beach area both of my children love..if only it wasn't 3 hours away.

sweet Addie playing on the beach

Let the madness of summer begin

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kristen said...

That shallow beach looks great for kids. Wish we were there this weekend!