Friday, June 19, 2009

Family Visits

My Nana and Poppy have been here this last week visiting. They live in San Antonio, which is entirely too far away but Poppy seems to be stubbornly attached to that town so looks like they will be there for a while. We went to Prattville last weekend to see them and got a speeding ticket with two screaming children in the car, (couldn't leave that fun tidbit out) and they came down here on Thursday to visit us.

They got a hotel room at a place that had an indoor pool so we took Mary Selwyn swimming in the "big pool" yesterday and today. She is a regular little fish. She had on floaties for the first time and ring around her waist and she just took fear of course. She isn't wild about water in her face but I guess she was having too much fun to worry much about it. Of course she inhaled some water. This totally freaks me out because I am terrified of dry drowning, it is a real thing I swear, look it up. I am the most ridiculous worrier in the whole world. Sometimes I think I find things to worry and be anxious about, ridiculous. It feels like something I can't seem to control but I stay in constant prayer about it. I've read the book Calm My Anxious Heart, I think it might be time to pull that out again. Now I have totally digressed and rambled.

We had a great visit with Nana and Poppy. It is never long enough and we miss them terribly. The just packed my girls up and headed back to Prattville for the weekend. Shay and I are headed to the beach for a Mommy and Daddy only trip. I am very excited but missing my girls like crazy already. I didn't have this hard of a time leaving Mary Selwyn and I know she is in hog heaven being with grandparents this weekend but adding Adeline to the mix is making it hard for me to be away from them. Once we get to the beach I will be much better. Sleeping late and lounging on the beach all day.... I really cannot wait. However, sitting here alone in my house just waiting to leave is making me miss my munchkins. Here are pictures from our visit. Wow, this turned out to be a weird, random and rambling blog.
Mary Selwyn swimming with Grampaka. I took more pictures but they all turned out fuzzy because she wouldn't be still. This was the best one.

Adeline in her new bathing suit. She didn't actually get in the water but it was so cute I had to let her wear it to the pool.
The girls with their great grandparents, Nana and Poppy. Mary Selwyn wasn't happy about having to take this picture because she was ready to get in the car and go to Prattville. You can guess it was just killing her to leave her mama....ha ha.


Dona said...

I think you have to get in line to be thinking the worst. I come from a long line of you come up with the worst things that can happen! I would say it gets better with age... I'll let you know when I get oldrer! Have a wonderful vacation!

gillfamily said...

Im so glad you ae taking a trip!