Tuesday, June 30, 2009

2 Months

Really?? Already?? Where does the time go? I can't believe it has been 2 months since Adeline was born. I guess in some ways it seems like just yesterday and in some ways it feels like she has been a part of this family forever.

I took her for her 2 month appointment yesterday and the doctor said she looks great. She weighed 12 pounds exactly and was 24 inches long. That put her in the 75% of weight and almost 90% for height. So different from Mary Selwyn. She probably weighed 12 pounds at her 2 week check up and she is always in the 95% for height and weight. Both my girls definitely get their height from their daddy's side of the family.

Adeline has been such a sweet addition. She is so laid back and happy. She never gets aggravated with Big Sister being in her face almost ALL the time. She is sleeping about 4 sometimes 5 hour stretches in her crib.....again WAY better than MSN. She has the most precious smile and sparkling eyes. I just want to eat her little face but instead I just cover it in kisses constantly, luckily she doesn't seem to mind that either. Again, I cannot believe it has been 2 months. I hate that time goes by so quickly. I think this "baby" age is the sweetest age for a mama. It is such a special time and they just don't stay that way long enough for this mama. We love our little Liney Lou!!


McCrory Family said...

She is so precious, Denise! I agree, time does fly! Margaret Ann will be 2 months on the 4th - it seems like just yesterday I was headed to the hospital!

Natalie said...

oh what a little bunny she is too much.

so cute denise!!!!

Mandy said...

They are so precious! I just can't believe how fast it goes by. Luke really doesn't seem like a baby anymore and he is only 6 months!

Kristen said...

What a sweet precious. And Happy Birthday to MSN!