Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Big Day

Today was Mary Selwyn's first day of Mother's Morning Out. Okay... so it wasn't that big of a day but it kind of was for me. I might be a little dramatic but I have never left her somewhere, other than Mitzi's, for 4 hours so I can go run errands or do whatever else I need or want. I was almost a little bit sad, which is ridiculous because I signed her up for this. I mostly signed her up for the summer program so that she would have a couple days a week to get out of the house. Since the arrival of Adeline we haven't been out and about much. First of all it is too hot and I can get a little overwhelmed by thought of two kids and parking lots. We are getting more brave as time goes on.

Mary Selwyn was so excited to go to "school" as you can tell by the picture I took before we left. She wouldn't let me take a picture until I put her in the car so she knew we were really going. Of course she cried when I left her but I think that was because there were two other kids screaming when I dropped her off. I made sure she had stopped crying before I left like a good mama should and when I went to pick her she didn't want to leave. I asked her if she was ready to go home and she said, "No mama, I want to stay and jumpy, jump with Co." I don't know what they were jumping on and Co is Owen her little best friend. I'm glad they are in the same class. Tonight we took her to McDonalds and let her play on the "payground" so she had a big day. Maybe she will sleep later than 6 a.m......keep dreaming Mom.

Here are some pictures from Amber and Price's visit last week. They come every year at this time and we always enjoy having them. We took the kids to Chuck E Cheese. Price doesn't get to go very often since the one in Montgomery is in a less than desirable location. They had a great time. Thanks for coming guys, we had so much fun.


Mandy said...

How sweet! She does look so excited to go to school!

Jenny said...

how sweet. those matching outfits are soo cute! that is great that she likes school, even if it is a little hard for you!!

Kristen said...

Awww! Kinda makes me wonder what she and Co were jumpy jumpin'on!:)

gillfamily said...

I am so glad she loved going to school! That is a blessing. I want you to take me to Chuck E Cheese...that looked fun!

Marianna said...

What a big girl! School will be so good for both of you!