Friday, June 26, 2009

Mommy's BIG Helper

I'm not sure if you can fully understand what is going on in this picture so I will explain. I changed Adeline's diaper and took her gown off and left her laying on the ottoman while I went to get both the girls clothes to put on for the day. This is what I found when I returned......

Mary Selwyn had undone Adeline's diaper and was putting diaper rash cream all over her sister's belly. She said, "I change Adeline's diap, diap mommy." Guess I won't be leaving her laying there anymore.

That same day my friend Katherine came to visit and meet Adeline. She is getting ready to leave for Washington in a few weeks and we are glad she was able to squeeze in a visit. K.K. is a sweet college friend and I am so thankful that we have maintained a great friendship even though we have almost always been in totally different places in our lives. We love her and ever since she left Mary Selwyn has been asking "Where Katrin go?"


Anthony said...

I didn't know that you knew Katherine Green. Sorry if you already knew this but she went to high school with me and Chad. Her mom was my music teacher for a little while. We go way back. :)

Lauren said...

How sweet! MS is such a good helper. How hard was it to get the diaper cream off?