Wednesday, February 10, 2010

9 Months & Snow

This week we took Adeline to her new doctor for her 9 month check-up so I thought I would share her stats. She weighs 19 pounds and was in 60% for weight and she is 29 inches and 90% for height. Wasn't it just the last post that I called her short?? I guess that just goes to show Shay and I are not great judges for baby height. The doctor was impressed that she was walking and so independent, I must not have been completely honest with her because this baby seems pretty attached to me.... Overall we got a good report. No shots because they haven't received her records yet so we will have to make a special trip for that torture, booo! It is always hard to go to a new doctor, at least it is for me.

Friday morning we also got our first "snow" since we moved here. It really wasn't much but it was enough for Mary Selwyn to play in for a bit before her hands got too cold. Here are some pictures.

Snowballs from daddy's car

"Mommy my hands are cold."

Yummy hot chocolate warmed us right up.

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