Saturday, February 6, 2010

We have a walker

Adeline is officially walking. Her sister walked at 8 months, which was way too early. I guess Adeline thought she would let me think I had a baby for a little longer by not walking until 9 months. For the record I still think it is too early. It looks kinda funny when she walks because she is so short and tiny. She still crawls some if she falls and realizes she can get where she wants to go much faster if she goes on all fours. For the most part though we have a walker! Mary Selwyn is very excited because she can hold her hand and walk with her across the room. Here is a video of our tiny walker.

Have I mentioned lately how much fun it is having two girls? They are enjoying each other so much and play together really well. Adeline follows Mary Selwyn's every move, especially now. This week they have been playing mommy/baby, Adeline is the baby of course and Mary Selwyn is a very good mommy. It is so fun to watch them entertain each other and share. They adore each other, and we adore them obviously. Putting them in the laundry basket kept them entertained (and caged) for a surprisingly long time.


McCrory Family said...

I can not believe she is walking! I bet you have your hands full now!

Margaret said...

That is great! Simms didn't walk until 13 months!! I can't wait until Simms and Cope can entertain each other!How nice they have each other to play with!

Kristen said...

I cannot believe that! Goodness! Owen loved the pic of them in the laundry basket. She said "Mary Selwyn is NAKED!"

The Dennis Family said...

OH MY!!! Thats so crazy to see that cute little thing walking around!! I LOVE IT!!

Jenny said...

Yeah!! Wow!! That is great! Yeah for walking. They are so sweet together!