Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Not-So-Crafty Mom

Once upon a time I thought of myself as a creative and crafty person. Turns out I'm not as creative or as crafty as I thought I was. Mary Selwyn has really been missing her mother's day out time. She misses playing with the other kids and getting to do fun crafts to bring home. We have been to story time at the library some but with Adeline walking it is hard to keep her contained and I decided I only have the energy for story time every few weeks. I figured we could come up with some crafts to do here at home to make her life a little more exciting. Shay's sister gave Mary Selwyn a bag of craft stuff for Christmas so we dug it out this week.

The first craft we made was a paper bag puppy puppet. He turned out cute enough and what girl wouldn't want a pink and green spotted puppy. It was so fun and easy I thought we could do anything. So I googled preschool crafts and we decided to make a caterpillar and leaf, again pretty easy and fun, but maybe a little boring. So I got brave and decided we would make a stain glassed butterfly. I took all this time to shave crayons and let MSN sprinkle them in the butterfly shape I drew on the wax paper. All that was left was ironing the halves together. Piece of cake, right? Wrong. I'm not exactly sure where I went wrong but my butterfly will not melt together. I even tried a new piece of wax paper on top because I thought maybe I used the wrong side. Still nothing. So all that work for a bunch of melted crayon shavings that won't stick to anything. I'm very disappointed. Clearly I would make a terribly, uncreative preschool teacher! Oh well, I guess we will keep trying to find new crafts that I CAN help her do. Is it too early to make our Easter garland??? Here are some pictures of our crafts.

On another note, our house is officially under contract as of yesterday. If all goes as planned we will close on April 2nd. We have diligently been praying for this and yesterday God gave us our answer. Shay said he had a feeling that our house would sell by then end of February and he was right. We are very thankful. Thanks for all your prayers. Once the house is sold I think we can work mother's morning out back into the budget and then Mary Selwyn won't be forced to suffer through her mom's lack of crafty ability!


The Dennis Family said...

Oh I think you are very crafty - so cute!! You got 2 out of 3 and they are GREAT and looks like MS loves them too!

Margaret said...

Hey, at least you TRY! And I thought it was all precious! Congrats on the house! Hope it all works out!!!

Jenny said...

you did great! congrats on the house! i know that is a huge relief!

mitzi said...

You are too funny! I always thought my childrens teachers were amazing with all the neat things they came up with for them to do and how they incorporated it into learning.

Natalie said...

oh denise the crafty part is that you sat down and DID these crafts with her!!! priceless! i would say about half of my projects every come out successful. i could devote a whole series of posts to all the crafting disasters ive had recently...hey maybe i should :)