Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Surprise Valentine Trip

This weekend Shay took me on a surprise trip. This is something he has never done before so it was very sweet and unexpected. I had no idea where we were going until we discovered the road to our getaway was closed because of snow. Luckily there was another route to Gorham's Bluff.

Several months ago my friend Jenny blogged about this place she and her husband spent their anniversary. I thought it looked like such a fun and cozy place. I showed the blog to Shay and said, "We should go there sometime." I guess he does listen sometimes....When the road we wanted to take was closed he said, "Okay, we are going to Gorham's Bluff. Go ask that lady if there is another way to get there." I think I said, "Where?" He had to remind me of Jenny's blog so I guess in this (rare) case his memory was better than mine.

Gorham's Bluff is one of the most adorable places I have ever been. It has this beautiful lodge that overlooks the bluff and the streets are lined with quaint cottages. The views are amazing. Shay and I day dreamed about what living there might be like and we decided it wouldn't be half bad.

Friday night we curled up by the fire and played a game of trivial pursuit DVD that someone must have left behind. Saturday we slept late, went on two snowy hikes, enjoyed a gourmet lunch, hot chocolate and a nap all before a nice surf and turf Valentine dinner at the lodge. It was a wonderful weekend! WONDERFUL! Valentine's Day isn't something Shay and I normally celebrate so this was extra special. This trip doubled as an anniversary trip too since we were living in different towns back in November. I'm a lucky girl with a very sweet and thoughtful Valentine! Happy Valentine's Day!

Our cottage

I thought the icicles were super neat

Our tiny snowman. Shay added the beard and hair.

We took a million more pictures. Here is a link if you decide you want to browse through them. Copy and paste it in your address bar and it should pull the album right up.

Also on Valentine's Day, Happy 29th Anniversary to my parents and 14th Birthday to my little sister.


Mandy said...

Go shaye! How fun!

Mandy said...

AWESOME! Great job picking up on that hint. Seriously. Good boy!! Looks like so much fun and those pictures are ADORABLE!! Your hair is so long!!

Jenny said...

That is wonderful! ISn't that place just in a world of its own. What a perfect Valentine's getaway! (and a sweet husband). I told Adam ya'll went and he thought that was so great! Glad you had a good time. I bet it was beautiful up there in the snow!

mitzi said...

Amazing! Where is this place?

Kristen said...

Good for Shay!!! It looks amazing! May have to show this blog to Steve...

The Dennis Family said...

HOW FABULOUS?!!! I am so glad that yall got to have a fun Valentine's Day/Anniversary getaway trip - what a sweet husband!